This is a small  quaint family-run Uzbek restaurant in Bin Mahmoud. It is probably the only one in Doha that serves Uzbek food. This was my first time trying Uzbek food , so I am not sure how the food from the restaurant compares to the traditonal taste.  The best part of the everything is freshly made . Things like the uzbek bread , noodles etc are  only served after 1pm ,as they need time to cook and set properly. It was a delight eating  Uzbek food . You can feel /taste the freshness of the ingredients  in the dishes,as they have less spices and is not overpowered with cheese ,oil and the rest.The dumplings were juicy ( as was the  meat in the rice) and well steamed .The menu was very interesting and I need to go back and try more dishes. Their noodle dishes did look very interesting.

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