Can you trust a food review? The answer after trying this place I would say I would not. Some agonizing work and a very irritated teen took me to Souq Ali which is not famous for Shawarmas but for tailoring, luggage purchase and every other thing except food. Souq Ali in its heydays used to be the heart of Doha shopping. Now it’s the place you would go for anything Qatari, in terms of dresses.

It’s now under redevelopment to provide it with a much needed facelift, so hoping to see great things happening there. Anyways you know how you look up reviews on google for a place you have never visited, I  stumbled on this restaurant, and most of the reviews were good.  So I decided to try this tiny restaurant which emits the most smoke in the area. It had just a few tables which will make anybody claustrophobic and had a big crowd looking for a quick bite.  I witnessed plenty of Talabat drivers waiting for their pick including their meal from this humble spot. I decided to order a falafel (4 riyals) and small chicken shawarma (7 riyals) though they had the big one which was almost a foot long (10 riyals).  The falafel was cold but then at least the shawarma was moist and tasteful, while I enjoyed the shawarma and how it felt and tasted, I was caught off guard with the falafel which was dry and tasteless.

What would you expect from the order that took 2 to 3 minutes maximum from start to finish? I have heard good reviews from this spot and maybe would provide another chance to this place. Heard I need to visit them during night time where food is prepared fresh.

Every person has different tastes, so unless you try it you will not know. Let’s get experimenting!


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  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Car Parking
  • Vegetarian

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November 26, 2022 10:41 am

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