Eating out in Doha Qatar can be a very expensive affair. The website Expatistan, a website used to compare the cost of living in different cities shows that eating out for 2 in a decent restaurant is only 17 percent cheaper than in New York City and 7 percent more expensive than in London in a similar restaurant.

Here are a few ways that you can save a few dirhams while eating out in Doha, Qatar-

Phone Apps – Apps such as My Book, Entertainment, Urban points offer deals such as buy one get on mains and 20 percent of on the bill for a yearly fee .

Websites – Websites such as Qgrabs offer great deals in restaurants while eating out. For example brunch and pool access for very less.

Bank Cards -Most of the bank credit cards offer discounts on eating out. Check your Credit cards literature for more information.

Company Discounts – A lot many restaurants and cafe have tied up with companies like QA ,QG, QF to offer monetary discounts to their employees.

Business Lunches /Happy Hours – Most the hotel restaurants offer weekday 2 to 3 course set menu for discounted prices. They also happy weekday evening happy hour/ ladies night discounts on bites and drinks .Prices are as low as 37 riyals for a bite or drink .

Deals – Restaurants offer deals at regular intervals. It would be any idea to follow your favorite resraurants on Instragram. I do ! Will you ?