Muscles are an important part of our body. It is made up of different tissues and performs different tasks in our bodies. There are three types of muscles, cardiac muscles for the Heart, smooth muscles help in the intestines and skeletal muscles help in bones. The smooth muscles involve in the biceps and triceps or extension and reduction of muscles during or after exercise. Workout in the gym and carrying more weight gradually helps in an increase in muscle building. If your muscle size is increasing, this means the compactness of fiber in muscle is increasing. The growth of muscles depends on your eating habits as well as how you recover after the workout. One should also provide sufficient rest to the worked-out muscles for it to repair and grow regularly.

two young men lifting weights at the gym

Failure in muscle growth is the key to gain more strength, it is time a taking process and demands more attention towards workout strategies to build muscles without failure. Hence, muscle failure starts at a point that stops boosting the growth of muscle due to excessive repetition. A proper diet, nutrition, and rest to achieve the desired goal is required. You will need to wait for 48 hours providing sufficient recovery time to get your failed muscle to work again. Another way to define failure is when you are no longer able to carry more weight and when your muscles tremble. But this cannot be defined as a failure but this failure triggers the body to build stronger muscles replacing the torn tissue.

Failing in every step is not good and it will not help muscle growth at all. You have to keep yourself up for one set at least. If you try to complete a set of repetitions, you will succeed. Protein is the best intake for muscle growth as it helps to boost muscle metabolism. Proper sleep, a diet full of nutrients, and the proper time for a workout are necessary to avoid frequent muscle loss. The push up exercise is good for the shoulders and upper body but overdoing of this exercise is dangerous and causes body sickness. Research shows that two days per week is a productive way to get a big gain in muscle growth.5 It is suggested to do 12 repetitions in a set as a standard to build muscle, it should not be less than 8 repetitions in a set. Research shows that new people can gain muscles in a day or two with proper training but trained people can grow their muscles in a week. Set normal rest intervals during exercise, it should not be too long.

Fatigue is one of the most important factors in the failure of muscle growth. Always give time interval to your body to gain more power, instead of doing continuous repetitions. Research shows muscle growth also improves sleep, blood sugar, mental health, and frequent failure in muscle growth.6 Keep yourself hydrated during the workout. Dehydration causes many problems in the body and creates delays in the workout. Proper intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and water intake save you from failure in muscle growth. Studies show that muscle growth causes many changes in hormones and it also changes your behavior when it relates to physical appearance. It makes you strong and attractive.7  In my opinion to avoid failure in muscle growth you should keep track of your diet. You should take a more protein rich diet, carbohydrates, intake of water, and rich shakes before a workout. When you are carrying weight, start it with fewer numbers and increase repetition as you increase the weight. Do not try too hard to make your body sick and suffers from fatigue. Push-ups are not good for muscle growth but less amount can give you healthy shoulder muscles. Workout also helps you in the prevention of diseases. Always do gym exercises or weight lifting under the instructor to avoid any injury.