Are you a member of the Facebook page called Food Foodies? Then you would know the name, Terry Booth. Since 2019 he has been sharing his food journey in Qatar through his quirky sense of humor and fantastic storytelling. He has developed a reputation for honesty, and enthusiasm and become one of the most trusted and popular reviewers in Doha. His world-famous ‘Tasting tours’ showcase the best of Doha’s hidden gems and trending hotspots. Here is what we spoke about-

Why and how did you start blogging?

I enjoy the escapism it provides and the assistance/enjoyment that it gives others.

What has been your most successful post and why do u think was its appeal?

The Souq walking tour that I wrote about was very popular, perhaps because folk could relate to it, it was vividly described, factual and helpful and it was elaborately written.

How do u attract new readers?

I don’t actually blog so I don’t have a page. I do believe that I have a strong following via Doha foodies that I post on and on my IG due to my candid and honest views, plus the reviews are interesting to read. I also run tasting tours as a hobby that gives me exposure to a wider audience. I do get told that I am famous!

Which is your favorite restaurant in Doha?

I don’t have a favorite restaurant but I do have favorite dishes and favorite events….

Al Qarmouty – the seafood soup (as part of the Al Qarmouty meal)

Grill and Chill (Wakrah) – Fish Nirvana

Shujaa in the Souq – the skewers!

What is your advice for bloggers?

Be honest. Don’t lie because you have been paid/invited to an event. I believe my reputation has been built on honesty and trustworthy candid reviews. Plus they are an enjoyable read (so I have been told)

A little birdie told me he is coming out with his first book that Is based on his food journey here in Qatar as soon as November! Exciting times are ahead.