One of the essential criteria for good health is a healthy Gut. When your gut is healthy, there is a good amount of good bacteria that help process food correctly and get the needed amount of energy for all body processes. It also cleans toxins and helps fight diseases. Fermented food is one such food type recommended for a Healthy Gut.  Fermentation is the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids using microorganisms—yeasts or bacteria—under anaerobic conditions. Kanji is one probiotic drink from Ayurveda usually made during winter months in north of India.

How to make Kanji

Wash and peel Carrots (2 in number red or orange Carrots ) and Beetroot( 1 beet). Cut them into thick and long strips. In a large bowl mix the cut veggies with some Salt, Chili Powder( optional), and some coarsely grounded Mustard seeds. To which add around 12 to 17 cups of water. Make sure the jar that you use for fermentation is properly sterilized and it is made of glass or ceramic. Cover the jar with a muslin cloth tieing tightly around its rim. Keep it under direct sun for five days, bringing it in when the sun goes down. Open and stir a couple of times before keeping it back in the sun. Once the liquid turns slightly Sour and strain and serve. The Carrots and beets can be eaten as accompaniments during meal times.