This is probably the biggest party in the world and the most exciting time to be in Qatar and those of us who call Qatar home, have been working towards this moment since 2010. Yes, it’s time to kick some balls it’s time for FIFA World Cup 2022. To celebrate the occasion the supreme community has organized street festivals all around Qatar. I decided to check them out to enjoy the festivities in most of the places. I kicked off my visits by visiting the Corniche to watch the opening ceremony on one of the four giant screens installed there. It stretches all the way from Sheraton Grand Hotel to MIA Park. Six-something km of fun-filled activities. They have free shuttles that run from one end to another end transporting people around, but for people like me, who love to walk there is scope to clock in loads of Kms.

The atmosphere there was so electrifying. That feeling of watching football among a sea of people was something out of the world.

It was a well-organized event, after regular intervals, there were washrooms, information, baby-changing facilities stages for performances, food trucks serving refreshments, and an array of picnic tables to sit and enjoy the food or simply rest. Crowd management was well organized.

Now let us talk about food. The food truck was serving popular food dishes like shawarma, cupcake, pizza, baked potatoes, Briyani, cookies, fries, pasta, and falafel and to our greatest joy, we also found Bhel and other chat dishes. We were also excited to find a couple of trucks that served vegan and healthy food like salads. In beverages, the most popular choices were cold drinks, coffees, teas, and a pipping glass of hot Karak.

Taste-wise, I will be honest It would be a hit or a miss. The Samosa I ate was still frozen but the falafel sandwich was nice.

Prices were a little more than the normal restaurants(before the recent increases) but hey it’s fine! It’s World Cup time after all.

As I write this morning, I feel the excitement bubbling in my tummy for the sights I will see and the things I will taste this evening in Katara.